Serir Enerji Elektrik Üretim A.?. was founded in 2016 within the scope of investment of biogas and organic fertilizer plant which is a branch of renewable energy in ?zmir Province, Kiraz District, Hancivar? region.BPT facilities are a method of generating energy from renewable sources. Beside power generation from organic wastes in the project, a fertilizer plant that produces organic fertilizer from fermented product will be a part of this project. The Biogas Power Plant which is under construction on 21 acres in Kiraz, Hancivar? region, will be commissioned in the 4th quarter of 2020.

  • Facility

    Facility is accomplishing within the scope of renewable energy in the province of İzmir, Kiraz District, Hancivarı region. Within the main purpose of the project is converting biogas to electricity and heat that comes out with daily feeding process to the plant. The installed power of the facility is going to be 2,4MW.

  • Biogas

    Kiraz Biogas Power Plant is contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution by producing clean energy in a period where environmental pollution is increasing and renewable energy is extremely important.Technology to be used for power generation from biogas is not only a renewable energy facility, but also a source of energy that is reconsideration of the organic wastes to protect river bed, streams, using for agriculture in an uncontrolled way or hazardous waste storage. Thus, it is having the feature of waste recycling facility.

  • Fertilizer

    As a result of using chemical fertilizer in the country, inefficiency of soil is the one of the main problem in agriculture. For this reason the organic fertilizer that named as a secondary output in the biogas plant is becoming more important.